Our Internet access is back!

Our DSL was down for 28 hours. Turns out it was a loose wire and all is well now. But it made me realize two things.

1) Sue and I are really dependent on the net.

For most of us now, the net is as indispensable as having a car or phone. Until your net access is gone, you don’t realize how much you use it, and for a zillion different things; maps, plane reservations, news, blogging, research, email, social networking, etc.

2) the iPhone (or any other high end cell phone) makes a credible alternative.

You can do all the standard web stuff on it, if in a somewhat limited form. The big drawback of the iPhone, and this will be remedied soon, is the absence of cut and paste. Without it, blogging on an iPhone is impossible.

We will be moving soon. Our next place will have DSL and cable internet access. With two home offices, we will need to always be online.

PS Our apartment complex has wi-fi in the business center and there’s a Starbucks across the street, so it’s not like we were seriously offline. But still, it’s nice to blog from my laptop at home again.


  1. 1. Ditto
    2. Yup

    PS You have Wifi at your apartments? We’ve got a hose… and I think there’s a laundry room somewhere.

    • The apartment complex only allows AT&T DSL and TV, no cable. They have a business center with three PCs and recently added wifi that works just in that area.

      And elsewhere too. The business center wifi was strong enough that I used it sitting in Starbucks across the street!

      (Or did you mean something else?)

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