Green Party dissidents topple Czech Republic government

czech republic green party
Czech Republic Green Party

For those who say that working within parliamentary systems is pointless.

From Another Green World

Just got the news!

I wish I could say this was Ireland….the dissident Green Party MPs have swung the vote and toppled the centre-right government.

Why the Greens were in government with a Czech conservative party that supported missile defence bases from George Bush and had one of Europe’s most important climate change sceptics as leader beats me.

Hope the same happens in Ireland with Fianna Fail government who are bulldozing a motorway through one of Europe’s most important ancient landscapes at Tara!

More positively the Green Party over here in England and Wales has got some new radical green policies including a splendid migration policy.

Would it be the Green Party in the US had such clout. Sigh. And kudos to the Czech Green Party dissidents.

One major reason that GP-US has little clout is because the US does not have a parliamentary system of government, so smaller parties get shut out of the process.