Dr. Doom is now guardedly optimistic

Nouriel Roubini may be about to get kicked out of the pessimism porn club as he now is saying if governments continue being proactive, we may survive this thing after all.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul raises the bar for disaster chic, saying we have a 15-year depression coming – but then he’s been a nutball buy-guns-and-gold crank for decades. Now that others are making similar pronouncements, he probably feels the need to get in front of doomster pack again with more radical apocalyptic visions.

Perhaps Jim Kunstler and Ron Paul should have a contest for most Dystopian Vision of Impending Doom, with John “Is the US becoming a hollow state” Robb getting runner-up honors, as they all appear convinced that things are relentlessly grim.

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  1. Robb is a brilliant observer, but he’s prone to seeing his theories manifest where they aren’t really there. Follow his analysis of Iraq, you’ll see what I mean…

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