Daily Rogues Report. Hank Morris

hank morris perp walk. Newsday

Here’s Hank Morris (no relation!) doing his perp walk after being indicted on 123, count ’em, 123 counts relating to taking multi-million dollar kickbacks from those wanting to manage money for the New York State pension fund.

AG Cuomo says further indictments are coming, so we can look forward to more exciting perp walks.

And lookee here – Cuomo: kickback deals included Carlyle Group

Mr Cuomo said that Carlyle alone paid Mr Morris more than $13 million in return for attracting $730 million in investments from the pension fund.

Naked Capitalism has lots more on this with a guest post by Leo Kolivakis, publisher of Pension Pulse

All these [pension fraud] cases prove to me that public (and private) pension funds should be subjected to rigorous independent forensic fraud examinations by certified fraud examiners (CFE)

Sue graduates with her Masters in Taxation in May. She’s already a CPA and CFE. Looks like she’ll be fully employed for the forseeable future.