On Pope saying condoms increases AIDS spread

looney tunes

If he wasn’t the head of a major religion he’d be dismissed as the lunatic crank that he is and then ignored. I mean, he’s been oddly silent about pedophile priests, given big love to holocaust deniers, excommunicated a Mom who got an abortion for her 9 yo daughter who was raped by her stepfather, and now he says condom usage increases the spread of AIDS. He’s certifiably Looney Tunes. But tragically, people will die because of what he said about condoms.

WaPo “Pope Benedict XVI is wrong”


The pope, the leader of the Catholic Church, violates the “imperative to protect human life.” Benedict is dangerous. Admittedly, I’m not the best Catholic, but I think deliberately endangering the lives of others flies in the face of everything Jesus Christ actually taught.