Let Turkey and Armenia work out their differences

Washington Note says Congress should not pass a resolution calling the killings of one hundred years ago a genocide. Because it now appears Turkey and Armenia may be deciding to jointly let historians decide what happened.

Besides, we have our own work to do here.

We also need to abide by the Geneva Conventions, outlaw torture, and honor civil liberties. Those are the kinds of examples that we need to set.

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  1. No the USA needs to condon all genocides past and present. This will repeat itself if not. We need to set an example. We have recognized the Jewish Holocaust which was patterned after the Armenian Genocide atrocites.
    The other thing you dumb Americans must be aware of is how Turkey plays politics with their dark history. They give America the false sense that Turkey is our only Moslem ally. In fact, Turks hate Americans but love the foreign aid to the tune of $80 billion a year because we have a US air base in Turkey which was ARMENIAN LAND IN FACT belonged to an Armenian Farmer.
    You cannot make the future right unless you make the dark past be recognized. A past that is documented by US politicians that served in the Ottoman Empire and by Turkish historians themselves. The documentation and PICTURES that support that a genocide happened are overwhelming.
    You cannot leave this to be resolved by the Turks, they have blocked our land from both ends (Azerbaijans are Turkish Moslem as well) economically tried to destroy Armenia. A mere mention of the Genocide in Turkey a person will be murdered like journalist Hrant Dink or arrested under Turkish Penal Code 301. They don’t want to know or talk about the truth!!!!!!!!

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