Documenting Bushvilles

St. Petersburg as the ‘meanest city in the nation.’ Police slash tents of homeless with box cutters after evicting them.

Drinking Liberally in New Milford details with videos, the multitude of Bushvilles that are unfortunately appearing now in far too many cities. These are encampments of homeless, many of whom until recently had homes.

We need to document where these Bushvilles are, as a first step towards helping those in them.

While this is a good idea – documenting where they exist is really only Step 2 because it is an idea without a real humane purpose.

Rather than just documenting these stories, perhaps we should try to solve the problems? In some of these Bushvilles there are already people working to help fix the problems as both short term and long term solutions are needed.

These newly homeless aren’t criminals. I’m guessing most would gladly take a helping hand out and then do whatever they had to in order to insure they never returned to a Bushville. Helping them helps all of us.


  1. Because destroying the remaining few possessions of the destitute is the jesus thing to do, apparently.

  2. Thanks for spreading this to your readers, Bob. There have to be more of these in other cities that are getting ignored. The Blogs already have a network in place to document them and the organizers are there to help figure out what we can start doing to fix it at least a little bit. I just can’t see wasting HuffPo’s effort to document them and just end it there. They had a good idea but we can do better than that.

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