Quote of the Day. Northern Ireland division

Slugger O’Toole, a blog about Northern Ireland politics and culture, quotes the Now Show on BBC Radio Four

“Frankly it’s been a rather depressing week, I can’t decide which 1980s celebrities I want back less: Michael Jackson or the IRA. At least Michael Jackson’s fans want him to come back. In Northern Ireland even the former supporters do not want any comeback. Especially since it’s not even the IRA, it’s a number of tribute bands.

Yes it’s very confusing what with the Continuity IRA, the Real IRA, the I can’t believe it’s not the IRA, Utterly Nutterly and IRAviva”¦.”

A commenter there notes

Not to forget The I Can’t Believe It’s Not The IRA, The Continuity Real IRA, The Real Continuity IRA (Splitters!), and The Keepin’ It Real Man IRA.

In reality it’s a couple of hundred people who used to drink in the same pubs. They had a hobby club. Now they have split into various *overlapping* clubs. They probably haven’t told each other all the groups they now actually belong to. Does the PIRA do exit interviews? Does the CIRA have an HR department?

Unfortunately the hobby was armed insurrection.