Pirate Bay’s neo-Nazi sugar daddy

pirate bay nazi missing

The Pirate Bay’s T-shirt design omits Lundström

The fourth defendant in the Pirate Bay trial, Carl Lundström, is a notorious extreme right wing neo-Nazi. Not that you probably heard much about it. The other three defendants made t-shirts of themselves for the trial but somehow forgot to put Lundström, a 40% owner, on it.

But like the Futurists a hundred years ago – the original Freetards – they don’t mind jumping into bed with neo-Nazis when it suits them. In this case, that’s so long as the free music and movies keep flowing.



  1. Of course we should expect proponents of a free culture to not also honor freedom of expression. Huh??????

    Are they saying The Pirate Bay is a Neo-Nazi front? Because if not, they should STFU and save the Jeremiah Wright games for cable tv.

  2. The Pirate Bay makes millions every year in ads. This has been proven by the ad agency hired by TPB. The money ends up on the Virgin Islands. Where do you think this money goes? It would be extremely naive, on the verge of being stupid, if you don´t realize that a great part goes to Lundström, funding whatever the neo-nazi wants. It is also a fact that Pirate Bay makes white power music and nazi propaganda easily available

    You should ask yourself if you want to be a part of that scenario?

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