Bill Ayers, Ward Churchill speak at Colorado U

Denver Post


“We should always be developing a curriculum of questioning. As a teacher, your responsibility is to challenge dogma and orthodoxy, not to just accept it.”

“I don’t worry about Ward Churchill as much as I worry about the teacher in Denver who teaches social studies and can’t bring herself to raise questions because of what she saw happen to Ward Churchill”


He took a jab at CU for charging the students who organized the lecture $3,000 for security.

“You can see the reason for it,” he joked. “It has been an utterly violence-prone gathering.”

Andrew Crown, president of the College Republicans, asked Churchill why professors should be able to hide behind the shield of tenure when the same misconduct in a corporation would lead to termination.

“I don’t know maybe for the same reason that the Republican Party has been spectacularly unable to regulate the conduct of its members,” Churchill said. “A more serious answer: The same reason you cannot pull a judge out because you do not like his rulings. That is what tenure is about. You don’t get to slap someone down because you don’t agree with what he is saying.”

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