Mexico drug war news

Refugees, often those hunted by drug cartels, are seeking asylum in the US, even if it means sitting in jail for a while.

“I was prepared to stay in jail as long as it took, since I know I’m a dead man in Mexico,” says Mexican journalist Emilio Gutierrez Soto.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon says the US needs to stop the flow of drug money and guns into Mexico. Cartels hire straw buyers in the US to buy weapons, which are then smuggled into Mexico. Combine that with the $15-20 billion a year in drug money and I’d say a whole lot of people on both sides of the border are making lots of money and have a vested interest keeping drugs illegal (and thus in the violence continuing too.) It would be naive to believe corrupt cops and money laundering banks only exist south of the border.

1,500 Mexican troops move into Ciudad Juarez in attempt to take back the city, with more troops coming. Think about that, a city of over one million that the government admits they no longer control.

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