Jon Stewart reams CNBC, Santelli, Cramer

This is a hoot. Stewart demolishes the groupies at CNBC who idolize billionaires and who have given us a steady stream of bogus cheerleading “news” as the economy cratered, along with faux populism and pretending to stand for the common people.

Cramer is getting hysterical about it, too. Y’know, he whined that Obama wasn’t helping the stock market. That’s not his job, Jim. Fixing the economy is. Dubya wouldn’t slap down something like that, Obama does. Deal with it. Yes, I’ve gotten good stock tips from Cramer, but he’s made plenty of stupid calls too, as Stewart so aptly points out.

The monied class, it appears, is having temper tantrums as they realize they no longer have someone in the White House who will do whatever they ask.


  1. I guess I’m one of those billionaires Stewart demolishes.
    Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Just a simple retiree whom Mr. Obama has robbed of 20% of my retirement.

    Thanks for making fun of it Mr. Stewart, I feel som much better not.

    Seriously, this I promise – I will never watch your show again and I’ll encourage all of my friends not to watch. You are making fun of things you clearly have no understanding of or clue about.

    Your president is the cause of wealth destruction not seen since the 30’s. Go ahead an laugh. I can only hope your parents are in the soup lines with me, if there’s money for soup lines.

    You disgust me.

    • My father is 90, took an investment hit last year and this year (just like many others, like you too, apparently).

      He voted for Obama. The stock market crash started long before Obama was elected and was triggered by subprime in 2006-2007. Hardly his fault.

    • The only thing that would be worse is if the President signed a law that allowed him to throw American citizens in secret prisons without trial and torture people with dogs and electrical shocks and slaughtered a million people in a foreign country and dumped rat poison and rocket fuel into the drinking water and drowned a couple thousand Americans in one of the most economically important cities in the US.

      Now THAT would be disgusting.

  2. Cramer and the whole slew of them on CNBC are crooks. If you don’t believe Cramer is a scum, watch him talk about how he manipulates the market. Put the scum in jail.

    • Stewart has the right news station but the wrong guy. It was Cramer who advised people to get out of the market when the Dow was 10,300. Those who did saved money while the market went down. The person (cheerleader) they need to go after is Larry Cudlow who never sees the posibility of the market going down.

      • Yeah, that was a good call by Cramer. But he makes way too many predictions now, and lots of them are wrong. As the subprime crisis loomed, it was financial blogs like Calculated Risk that sounded the alarm while financial cable news did little but pretend it wasn’t happening.

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