Obama’s divide-and-conquer ploy working


RNC Chair Michael Steele doesn’t like Limbaugh being called the leader of the Republican Party.

He wants to be the leader and threw down the gauntlet against Rush this weekend, using words like “incendiary” and “ugly” to describe Rush’s style.

Pass the popcorn, please. This is going to be fun to watch.

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  1. Matt,

    One fundamental flaw in your argument (on your blog) is that American “conservatives” are, in fact, conservative. Limbaugh is getting paid untold millions a year to toe the billionaire line. Not the Republican Party line, but the agenda put forth by his masters at the radio conglomerate.

    Of course, Republicans are NOT conservative either. They are unabashed fascists who insist that control of the economy exercised by the few is just, natural and sensible. Hence, the problem lies in the political correctness foisted upon us by the media: the recession was called growth, and now the depression is called a recession; moderates are liberals, right wingers are moderates, and fascists are conservative.

    They have managed to change language altogether, and, unfortunately, even people on the left are falling for the ruse.

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