Offshore floating enclaves


Wired profiles plans to build floating offshore enclaves free from all those damned interfering governments, presumably for libertarians who are sickened by the thought of someone else gaining benefit from their tax money. It’s all very utopian, and yes they plan to do all sorts of deliciously illegal things like have gambling, brothels, money laundering, etc.

Sounds like a libertarian wet dream, doesn’t it?

I just have one question.

How do they plan on defending themselves from piracy and other unpleasantness by those who wish to take over their little unprotected platform floating outside territorial limits? Which is precisely one of the functions of those icky governments they loathe so much – protecting the citizenry.

One comment

  1. I say, let them learn that lesson. When the pirates show up (and you know they will), and they call for help, tell them they have to pay their tax bill first. One sunk platform to make a lot of people re-think how usefull government is sounds like a low cost to pay to me.

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