Divide and conquer

divide and conquer

Rahm Emanuel: Limbaugh is the voice of the GOP

This is a brilliant strategy. take the blowhard and ram him down their throats. The Republican party is already fracturing and plenty of those in it don’t like Limbaugh.

Making Limbaugh the focal point virtually guarantees more splits and fissures, and increasing internal wars among Republicans.

Obama works deliberately, carefully, and with a plan. This is more of their opening moves against Limbaugh and the Republican lunatic fringe that has jacked that party.


  1. Interesting. Taking the thing that makes them strongest and attack them for it. I believe that’s called…


  2. A man who makes millions of dollars preaching conservatism to millions of faithful listeners is…obviously weak? Only if you’re Karl Rove. Or Rahm Emanuel. 😉

    • No, but exploiting the obvious and growing splits in the Republican Party by saying Limbaugh is your leader, is that what you really want, is classic divide and conquer. Pit them against each other.

      Limbaugh directly challenged a president. No head of state on the planet would let something that pass without response.

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