The Jindal Crater


Presumed Republican front-runner for 2012, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, crashed and burned spectacularly last night giving the Republican response to Obama’s speech.

The criticism has been scathing. One Republican pundit said Jindal was nihilistic, Krugman said it was like watching Beavis and Butthead.

I’ve not seen a single person who praised Jindal. Good, IMO he’s a slithering weasel.


  1. I was actually thinking in vocabulary generally known for racist right-wingers. I stopped counting after three… I could not believe it would come out and so openly bald-face lie.

    Though my take on Obama’s speech may piss one ot two off: on one hand extolling the virtues of and all he is to do to re-ignite – stimulate – the failed credit economy while on the other hand admonishing us that we can no longer afford to live beyond our means?

  2. I get your feed on bloglines and go to your site to read the bits that interest me. Thought you might find it weirdly funny that googleads slapped a link for the gopcomeback dot com and it contained verbiage about Jindal’s better plan. Apparently they are the only people who liked what Jindal had to say.

    • One problem with Google Adwords for political sites is that there’s no real way for them to differentiate between political viewpoints, so sites like here can get hard right ads (until I consign them to the Competitive Ad Filter, which serves nicely as a kill file for sites I don’t want ads from)

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