The elites must be brain dead


The elites who have risen to the top of corporate food chains across America continue to show their utter cluelessness.

Here we have an example of a chance for a major conglomo to bank the equivalent of millions in free positive advertising, of goodwill and possibly an incremental increase in respect from their minimum wage proles flipping the burgers that generate massive cash flow every day for managers and shareholders.

Instead of leaping at the chance to take this hero and pimp him out to sell more burgers, McDonalds decided to throw him under the bus, then piss on his injured body.

McDonald’s: No workers comp for employee shot protecting patron

Sue says, McDonalds must be self-insured for workers comp or else it wouldn’t have been their decision, plus they didn’t give the employee health insurance, so he’s probably screwed because he did the right thing. Unless public opinion forces McDonalds to cover him.