Stanford, Madoff, the SEC

Doug Henwood

Apparently the SEC has known that something was fishy with Stanford for years. The same with Madoff before him. Yet they did nothing. Was this corruption? Bribery? Self-censorship? Complacency? Probably all of them. But this is a society badly in need of a renovation. In bad moments, I fear we’re too far gone.

Then there’s the drug cartel money laundering suspicion with Stanford. (And maybe Madoff too?) What banks did all the money go into? They would have to be large banks, that’s for sure, and probably in the US.. Start speculating on this and you get to Conspiracy Land real quick.

The hard left seems strangely asleep on all of this. I mean, what better organizing opportunity could there be? The workers are being exploited, the monied class is stealing and robbing, and now it’s all happening in plain sight. Karl Marx, it appears, was quite correct.