The Tripping Policeman

the tripping policeman statue

Andy Carling

De Vaartkapoen by Tom Franzen, outside the Communauté Française in Molenbeek, is an irreverent tribute to the anarchaic side of the Bruxeloise, The title is a slang term for people born in Molenbeek; “de vaart” means “the canal” and “kapoen” means cheeky.

The subject is not the tripping policeman (and how often can you say that!), but the young scallywag reaching out from under the street to topple a figure of authority, for no apparent reason but for the hell of it. This statue appears as a living panel in a cartoon strip and we’re invited to complete the story.

I can’t even conceive of something like that being put in a public area in the US, the police union would protest while right wing politicians howled in anger.

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  1. Zed Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 11:22 am #

    Excellent photo – Andy really is becoming a pro! I’m proud of him.