Dimbulb Idea of the Day

oil rig resort

Hey, let’s turn an offshore oil rig into a hotel. And make it really pricey too.

The financial elite (those who are still solvent and not preoccupied with being indicted, that is) would certainly enjoy be flown to the middle of nowhere in the ocean to stay at an utterly isolated hotel with none of the ambiance of being in a city.

Ecogeek thinks this is a silly, doomed idea too.

Sue says if the oil rig was in international waters they could have gambling, brothels, drugs, whatever, but of course would have to hire a PMC to guard against pirates.


  1. Think of it as a space-station – Deep Space Nine – for all those wayfaring navel warriors, after the PMCs buy up all the military.

  2. I think you have it backwards Bob. This place is explicitly FOR the wealthy that are being indicted. If they’re their own “island” as it were, then there are no extraditions… As long as they pay up front, or have out-of-country monies to pay with.

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