Mexico. Out of control drug violence

juarez drug killing

Image from narrated BBC slide show of Juarez drug violence. Many stores have shut down, the only growth business there besides drugs is working for the coroner.

Kidnappings, beheadings, open warfare in the streets between gangs with state of the art weaponry or against the police – entire areas of Mexico are effectively no longer under control of the government.

U.S. says Mexico drug violence poses growing threat to tourists

Mexican hit men are coming into the US doing murders for drug gangs.


  1. You might not know it, but this post is actually pretty innovative. I’ve been tracking Mexico’s narco-insurgency for a while now and out of some 30 odd sources I’ve collected, “truthers” and conspiracy websites comprise about 90% of them.

    I’m completely baffled, but for some reason the larger, mainstream news agencies, including web publications like Long War Journal and SWJ, just haven’t been covering this at all.

    I think the story just does not fit into any conceivable mainstream media narrative right now. Unfortunately, that means it will likely take a massive, horrible incident to get their attention, followed immediately of course by wall-to-wall PANIC!!!

    • Global Guerrillas has been covering it for a while. Another side of the story is the Stanford money-laundering part. Yes, it is odd mainstream media isn’t covering, you’d think the anti-immigrant right would be all over it.

  2. How Patriot Act Might Be Used To Prosecute Pot-Growers As Terrorists

    The USA Patriot Act’s mention of incidental criminal networks-opened the door for police under the Act’s anti-terrorism provisions to broadly use wiretaps and spy on U.S. Citizens.

    The Patriot Act equates illegal activity with supporting terrorism. The Act defines supporting “terrorist activity” as any criminal activity that “participates” in “World Markets” that terrorist may use or depend on for their support. For example someone distributing illegal-drugs could be charged with supporting a “Criminal Market” that terrorists use—based on the premise both criminals and terrorists use the same world networks and organizations to “Market” illegal-drugs; and have interests in criminal activity.” That criminal/terrorist-activity link by the Patriot Act is—logically flawed when you consider that a common car thief could be charged with supporting terrorism by selling a stolen car on a “criminal market” a terrorist used—among many non-terrorists. Such flawed logic could as easily be used by government to charge a “common criminal’s illegal activity” supported a lawful “Market” terrorists are dependent on for support. Brilliantly the “Patriot Act” spins full circle to include all commerce as being “One Market” to charge “common criminals” with supporting terrorists: brilliant because all legal and illegal “markets” are linked at some point by commerce.

    As the drug-war heats up on the U.S./Mexico Border expect this illogical premise of the Patriot Act might be pushed by U.S. Government as a Flagship to prosecute “ordinary American criminals” for supporting “markets” terrorists may depend on for support.

    While there are narrow illegal-markets where such prosecutions may be justified, Americans should be careful that U.S. Government does not expand this concept similar to (RICO) to be all inclusive of commerce. U.S. Government before tried to merge lawful and unlawful commerce to forfeit innocent owners’ property. You may read that “Government Concept” in United States v. 92 Buena Vista Ave. (91-781), 507 U.S. 111 (1993) at:

    U.S. Police using the Patriot Act’s low probable cause requirement can too easily wiretap and spy on innocent U.S. Citizens they believe might be involved in ordinary crime. Congress should let provisions of the Patriot Act due to Sunset in December 2009, EXPIRE.

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