Crambe. Highly promising biofuel source


Crambe is drought-tolerant non-edible plant, that is easy and cheap to grow. Its seeds can be used to produce “biofuels that are virtually identical to petroleum fuels.”

Let’s hope crambe and other biofuel sources like algae quickly replace corn as a biofuel source.


  1. Used chip oil, on your side of the Atlantic the waste from French Fries is probably better!

    Just been doing some work on the menace of biofuels in Colombia as part of my election campaign for the European Parliament

    • Oh, they’re making lots of biofuel here from cooking waste and oils, factory and processing leftovers, even slaughter house glop. The more stuff that can re reused the better.

      Murder for biofuel cropland. Yikes. Will blog. thx.

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