Pampered comedian says we’re spoiled, advocates collapse of economy

Comedian Louis C.K. says we’re the “crappiest generation of spoiled idiots” and maybe a collapse of the economy that leads to riding donkeys with clanking cans would be a good thing.

Let’s see. He probably flew to the show on a jet (first-class) or had a limo take him, and no doubt has at least one high-end cell phone. Hasn’t worked with his hands in years. Lives in a protective little Hollywood bubble. And thinks we should return to donkeys and clanking cans. Right.

Were that to happen, hundreds of millions would probably lose jobs and millions would starve, including many who already don’t have cell phones and maybe not even electricity. As Doug Henwood recently said about left-wingers wanting the collapse of society, “that’s not leftism, that”s nihilism.”

I think a much better model for the future is cleantech. The world of cleantech and renewable energy is just quietly inventing stuff that will change the world. Apparently they don’t have time to whine about all the whiners. Nor do they live in a little bubble where they think the entire US citizenry is typified by someone frustrated that their cell phone doesn’t work fast enough.

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  1. Actually none of that is true about Louis CK. If you read his blog on MySpace you’ll discover he’s not only just JOKING about the apocalyptica (shocking for a comedian!), but he’s also a pretty dedicated progressive, regularly appearing on Air America.

    If you want to pick a spoiled, hollywood ho to crap on, Louis CK is definitely not the guy.

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