California budget train wreck

train wreck

From David Greenwald, editor of California Progress Report, on Facebook, commenting on the Republicans voting out their Senate leader because he said taxes are necessary to balance the budget.

So the word is the Republicans found the most anti-government leader they could get. Yes, let’s show we are serious about compromise.

[New] “Senate GOP leader Dennis Hollingsworth said Wednesday morning that he opposes balancing the state’s books with any new taxes”–this is a big step back.

Maybe we need mass demonstrations in front of the obstuctionist’s homes and everywhere they go. Boycott their businesses. Make life as difficult for them as they are making it for everyone else. They are deliberately trying to destroy the state government in the name of lunatic fringe right-wing ideology.


  1. Californians can end the budget madness once and for all through several public policies now in play. Prop. 11, which creates an independent, bipartisan commission to redraw the horribly gerrymandered district, should reduce the number of ideological zealots in the state Legislature. Two other pending ballot initiatives would end the two-thirds vote mandate for a budget and establish open primaries, which also would cramp the zealots style. But will Californians support these changes, or is budget insanity just too ingrained? Read

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