Allen Stanford scandal

I think this one will be bigger than Madoff. No one knows how much of the $50 billion is left or even where Stanford is. All these links come from the Business Insider family of sites who are doing a superb job of reporting and digging.

No one knows where Stanford is.

Of course, this “he’s gone” talk is coming from the SEC which would be unable to find its own ass with a full-length mirror and a multilingual diagram. Either that, or the speculation that Stanford has been enjoying the help of certain Federal agencies has some merit. We wondered before why Sir Allen should have such a large presence in Venezuela and Ecuador.

SEC was told to back off Stanford in 2006

Is Allen Stanford an asset of the CIA?

We don’t know which one it is, but some commenters suspect it could’ve been the CIA.

After all, last year, Stanford’s Venezuelan offices were raided on suspicion that the billionaire was a US government tool, involved in spying.

Allen Stanford forfeited $3 million in drug money in 1999

How much of the federal debt is financed with drug money?


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    According to SEC filing dated October 30, 2006 – Sidney D. “Trip” Camper was fired from Elandia Inc. when the Ahkoy family fell victim to investment fraud headed by Elandia’s Allen Stanford and Trip Camper. Forced to resign by Allen Stanford himself (see SEC link below), Trip Camper moved on to his next victim, a private company in Los Angeles. In true School of Stanford form, Trip Camper promised to take the private company public. Instead, Trip Camper recruited a new partner in crime, Ed Berkhof and together they formed a “shell” holding company, milked the private company of thousands of dollars, illegally obtained company stock and pretended to be the company owners- and owners of all the assets. By pretending to own the company’s assets, Trip Camper and Ed Berkhof worked to dupe private investors out of capitol that they used to pay themselves and their creditors. This is a Ponzi Scheme. Instead of taking the company public, Trip Camper and Ed Berkhof spent thousands of dollars, took a trip to London on a company American Express card, performed a hostile takeover, and ruined the honest, profitable company. Since then, the Ahkoy family is suing Elandia Inc., Allen Stanford is in Federal prison, and Trip Camper is still using The Stanford Group as a reference on his curriculum vitae. FBI will hopefully catch up with Allen Stanford’s den of thieves. Don’t let this happen to you.

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