Has Disaster Chic done got out of hand?

the end is near

Sue comments that I must have drank the Obama Koolaid, based on my previous post, Disaster Chic, which pondered that the current TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) meme perhaps “has done got out of hand.” Other commenters seem to think we’d all have a jolly good time living with no electricity and growing our own food using horses to plow. Or that since some on the planet have no electricity, what right do we have to have any?

Hell yeah. let’s just toss out all the penicillin and other life-saving medications. Unplug all the electrical devices. Let’s do leg amputations with a saw and no anesthetic like our ancestors did. That would surely be a robust, vigorous way to live. No need for those citified conveniences anymore.

As for all of those who don’t have electricity now, sorry, but the doommongers have decreed you shall never have any. The world can’t handle it, so just toss out your dreams and hopes for a better life. We’re sorry.

Ok, I’m deliberately exaggerating. Yes, things are probably going to get seriously weird for a while. But what I was talking about are the doomsters who predict the electricity will go off, transportation will cease, and we’ll live huddled in tiny groups fearful of outside marauders. Gosh, sign me up.

Jim Kunstler seems positively giddy about the prospects about having to go back to horse-powered farming as long as those hideous people in the Hamptons get their just deserts and we all pay penance for our profligate ways. He’s an Old Testament prophet railing against the evils of Babylon. Were his dreams to come true and we all went back to living in isolated rural areas, well, I’m guessing he and he little commune might all be bat-shit crazy after, say, five years of isolation and increasing paranoia. This is not progress nor is it to be wished for.

Housing was a huge bubble. It popped. That doesn’t mean the lights will go out. How did the discussion nationwide get so crazy that we have more than a few on the left, right, and the middle saying we’re screwed, that things are hopeless, and even openly cheering for the collapse of society? As Doug Henwood said about lefties making such predictions, “that’s not leftism, that’s nihilism.”

But if you genuinely want chaos, social unrest and violent revolution, keep moralizing to the Third World. Tell them they can’t have any of the goodies that we have now, but that they’ll be so much happier without all that icky materialism anyway. I’m sure they’ll listen.

spongebob(Since Sue dubbed me Bob “Perkypants” in the previous post for my apparently delusional optimism, I will end by saying this is another blog post from MrBob Perkypants. But given the tone of this post maybe this time it should be MrBob RantyPants. Hmmm.)