Fraud suspect caught at border

Christopher Warren, a suspect in a a multimillion dollar fraud scheme, was caught at the Canadian border trying to get back in the country after having previously fled.

Dealbreaker continues their helpful series on how to best escape from this county with ill-gotten gains, detailing the many dimbulb mistakes that Warren made.

Don’t: Wear expensive cowboy boots and show the flight crew your hoard of $4 to $5 million in gold.

Yes. They are very impressed. And now they will never, ever forget your face.

Don’t: Carry all your passports at the same time in the same bag.

I mean really, do I need to explain this?

Don’t: Return to the United States once you have departed.

Which part of “The first step in escaping justice in the United States is not being in the United States” did you not understand?

And don’t have $70,000 in cash stuffed in your cowboy boots on the off chance you might be searched at the border.


  1. The Cunning Criminal Mind!

  2. Don’t know whether to nominate it for a Darwin Award or Least Intelligent Design.

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