Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain

C&L: Knoxville church shooter’s manifesto leaves no doubt: murders were political terror against liberals

James Adkisson just got life in prison for killing two people in a murderous rampage at a Knoxville church. He released a hate-filled manifesto saying he wanted to kill liberals. It was supposed to be a suicide note, but parishioners grabbed him instead. Now he gets to die in prison an old man instead.


  1. Oh great! So now this guys a TERRORIST and the liberals have shut down Guantanamo Bay! Not only will we not be able to shove this guy in a van and electrocute his testicles, but he’ll probably go to some cushy “Federal” prison out in California where he’ll collect welfare and medical pot and get released early so he can gay marry an illegal muslim immigrant to qualify for an NEA scholarship to go to Hollywood film school where he’ll learn to perform abortions in porno movies broadcast live into public schools. Like you said Bob, damn liberals 😉

    • You forgot the part about selling heroin to 4th graders to numb their brains to force them to say the Pledge of Allegiance to Leon Trotsky.

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