5 thoughts on “$400 mini-wind turbine plugs into wall

  1. Please send me Information on how, or where I can Purchase this my address is 5854 n. 77th street Milwaukee,Wisconsin 53218

  2. At up to 40 kw a month and a kw usage of 650 in a really small home that amounts to max. $ 2.50 savings a month or 180 months = 12 years before any savings can be achieved.

    Not sure that this turbine will last that long. Considering that the manufacture and distribution used electricity it might not ba a viable product.

    1. 40 kw is power, not energy. 40 kw a month is meaningless. What we pay the electric companies for is energy, measured in kw hours. 40 kwhours/month is puny.
      A 40 watt bulb burning for 1000 hours uses 40 kw hours. At 720 hours/month, a 40 watt bult will use about 72% of 40 kw hour in a month.

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