FBI raids Peanut Corp. of America


The alleged humans at Peanut Corp. of America who knowingly sold salmonella-laced peanuts will now be facing criminal charges. Or at least I hope so. The FBI raided the plant yesterday.

Monday’s searches come three days after Food and Drug Administration investigators said Peanut Corp. knowingly shipped salmonella-laced products from its Georgia plant after tests showed the products were contaminated.

Eight people are dead from the salmonella. The executives and all responsible deserve and damn well better get long prison terms.

What happened to this country? Bottom-dwellers like Bernie Madoff run huge scams for decades even as they are chairman of NASDAQ and manufacturers of food willingly distribute poison to make a quick buck. All while governmental regulatory agencies stood idly by and did nothing.

There’s something seriously diseased deep within the core of our economic and business system.


  1. “There’s something seriously diseased deep within the core of our economic and business system.”

    Are you sure it is just the economic and business system? I think a lot of the problems there stem from almost every part of American society.

    We’re #1 – gotta be the best – gotta make the most money – can’t just win but gotta pummel the competition into submission – and I am always right because this is God’s country!

    I could go on and on. American society is FUBAR and these kind of problems – symptoms of a sick society as a whole – will only get worse until the root problems are addressed.

    • But it’s not all businesses.

      The cleantech world is hugely optimistic and not corrupt. Too busy creating things that might save the planet to get sidetracked by the sleaze.

      Russia and China have problems worse than ours, so it’s not just hypercapitalism either.

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