60 mile wall of fire advancing towards Melbourne

I had to read the following sentence several times because it seemed impossible.

Last night, a 60 mile wall of fire was continuing its advance on towns north of Melbourne.

Have there been any other fires in historical record of this magnitude and ferocity?

For the first time, [Victoria Premier John] Brumby linked the fires to global warming. “There’s clear evidence now that the climate is becoming more extreme,” he said.

Authorities are about to release photos of arsonists, who better hope the police find them before their fellow citizens do…

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  1. That report was on Monday but the conditions have improved since then and there is a respite but that doesn’t mean that the fires are out. Only that the wind has dropped and the weather has cooled.

    As d for arsonists — research published in November last suggested half of all bush fires are lit by arsonists — many of whom would be volunteer fire fighters. However since there are so many fires this doesn’t “explain’ the causes of them as we have to consider climate change as the main driving force for this cataclysm .

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