1. I am sorry. It sends the wrong message. Smoke dope and win 8 gold medals. And if every 23 year old is smoking pot then our country is going down hill fast.

  2. Uhh…what kind of idiot, mongoloid children are out there making that ridiculous equation? “Smoke dope and win 8 gold medals?” Huh? Why not “have brown hair and win 8 gold medals?” Or hell, how about “Win 8 medals AND THEN smoke dope?”

    I think the real issue may be with your cartoonishly uncritical children and not some douchebag athlete getting high.

    • But if he went pub-crawling, drank too much, and barfed on the sidewalk, no one would care, right? No one is say pot helped him win, I just think the whole is ridiculously over-reported and is a tempest in a teapot.

  3. I agree Bob… Not saying that all 23 yos are there, but I can recall back in college pot was almost as common as alcohol. Those were the two choices of the “smart” people since they’re the least addictive (in general) and unlikely to kill you directly. And before you all scream “but pot’s illegal”, so is alcohol for folks under 21, which is most of the people in college.

    And FYI, he has been in trouble before (under a year ago) for DUI. I look at all these people making a big deal over taking a hit of pot, and wonder where they were when the DUI news hit, since that to me is a larger issue. Getting drunk/stoned is one thing, driving in that state is quite another.

    When was the last time you heard of someone overdosing on pot? You haven’t, because it’s not biologically possible. When was the last time you heard about two pot heads beating each other to death? At most they’ll have a slap fight over a bag of chips…

    Personally, I say give the guy a break. Our current president admits to having smoked a bit in his time too. It’s not that big of an issue any more, to the point that I predict within a decade or two pot will be legal in one form or another, since in many ways it’s much safer than alcohol.

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