The fall Of Pajamas Media and the future of the blogosphere

pajamas media buh bye

Jamie at Intoxination on right wing blog network Pajamas Media closing its doors.

I really think the left side of the blogosphere should pause for a minute and think before dancing on the Pajamas Media grave. Pajamas Media was the must vulnerable network out there, but now other networks could start failing. Some blogs have seen enormous growth over the past two cycles also, moving to high powered dedicated servers that cost hundreds a month to run and hiring on a staff of bloggers. These economic hard times will trickle down to them also.

BlogAds [ad network] is way down. Just look at some of the bigger sites out there and you will see empty boxes. Also Google AdSense ads that are running now are pretty much junk, as in they don’t pay that much.

BlogAds and Google Adsense is how most bloggers get the vast bulk of their revenue. That major blogs don’t even have enough ads from BlogAds to fill all their spaces is a major tell, the advertisers have gone away and / or don’t want to pay what they once did.

Jamie has pointed out that for blogs like ours, this doesn’t make much difference. We blog because we want to, not as a business, and our costs are minimal. My Adwords revenue more than pays costs. But then my hosting costs $15 a month, not $800.

Like I said last night, this could provide to be a good cleansing of the blogosphere also. Instead of 50 sites all posting the same story when it breaks from a major news service, bloggers will have to work harder to survive.

I’ve tried here not to just report the same stories. Or to add something to it if I do.

That or we will see some blogs move back to free services like Blogger because paying for that hosting service just isn’t in the budget anymore. In the end the strong blogs will survive, along with those of people who actually blog to blog, and not to make money. Come 2012, we might be faced with an entirely new blogosphere.

It’s already becoming a new blogosphere. Social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and FriendFeed can be used as mini-blogs. Major geek blogger Robert Scoble says FriendFeed is his primary platform now, with his blog used just for long posts. This trend will continue, the merging of blogs and social networking sites, with people and businesses using multiple platforms, not just a blog.

Blue Gal hoots about right wings blogs mourning the fall of Pajamas Media, quoting one rightie blogger who says they live on fumes

Soros, Hollywood libtards and Google-type asshats embarrassingly fund the leftwing sites vis a vis et al, the right has none of that. None. We live on fumes.

Got that, fellow lefty bloggers? You and I live on Soros/MoveOn largesse! Where’s my check.

Soros only doles out the $$$ after the blogger swears fealty to the New World Order, this is clearly stated in the operating manual, Blue Gal must have misplaced her copy.

I have no idea why any single shingle blogger would leave a free hosting service. It’s vanity, pure blog botox, to think you need your own dot com.

Hey, $15 a month ain’t gonna kill me.

Here’s my business model: political blogging is ART. There will be a few who can support themselves doing it, but the vast majority blog because it calls them, and those who put the business model ahead of art are either talentless hacks or FUCKING SELLOUTS.

We are living in an age of really rapid change, and not all of it’s going to be good for left-wing blogs.

The lefty bloggers whose only paintbrush was anti-Bush are fading fast.

The blogosphere is morphing and changing with unusual speed now. Hang on.


    • Huge sites, like HuffPo (who recently got millions in VC money) will survive fine. In the liberal blogger field, sites like C&L, FireDogLake, and AmericaBlog are no doubt facing major ad revenue drops, even as they have multiple servers and maybe even paid staff. But they are established and should survive, if with a lean stretch for a while.

      The small mammal blogs like ours will always survive; we’re highly adaptable, quick to morph, and lean.

      It’s not just political blogs. A friend with a directory website that is his sole source of income says ad revenue is down 20-30% in the past several months.

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