Protests in Russia now too

russia protest

The Telegraph reports that not only have serious protests started in the east of Russia, there are signs of mutiny in Putin’s own government

Key quote:

Subordinates have begun openly to defy Mr Putin, a man whose diktat has inspired fear and awe in the echelons of power for nine years, according to government sources. Meanwhile a rift is emerging between Mr Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev, the figurehead whom he groomed as his supposedly pliant successor.

I see dead people…

The protests and the mutinies are fueled by the crumbling Russian economy and collapsing currency. Like Venezuela, Russia could strut large as long as oil prices were high, but that was the primary thing propping up their economies. And now it’s gone.


  1. other than the fact that they are oil-producing/exporting countries, the political situations of russia and venezuala have little in common. perhaps a more appropriate comparison can be made, as this one is typically a centrist/rightist smear of hugo chavez and little else.

    otherwise, interesting information, thanks for getting it out there.

    • Falling oil prices are cratering the Venezuela economy too, and Chavez is facing increasing protests and problems because of it. He’s even asking oil companies he chased out to return to drill for oil.

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