Zimbabwe collapses, abandons their currency

500 million Zimbabwe dollars note

Zimbabwe currency in happier days

Eventually, you can’t just keep adding zeros to your currency. Zimbabwe, whose central banker recently defended the company’s currency actions, will let its citizens use currency from other countries.

Inside a Failed State – Zimbabwe, YouTube video from 2007. The country was in dire condition then, empty stores, no medical supplies, huge inflation. But now their currency is completely worthless as the repellent Mugabe regime continues to plunder what’s left of the country.

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  1. This is a crisis, what are these people ment to rely on if you can’t even trust the money. We have seen exchange rates have seatled recently for the US, CA & HK dollar even the UK pound which has seen the worst record since 1990’s, has started to stablise hard and fast, This in itself shows global confidence in future economy, but what about places like this, they should return to nugdets of copper and gold (i.e raw materials???) for payment.
    Understanding Forex will teach you one sure way to atleast some basics income, to study historical rates of exchange, can help too.

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