1. Uh, huh. Well, it is, after all, America, where racism is the social currency de jour. What I marvel at is the fact that, call it what you will, the pervasive “hate” is a two way street.

  2. That was funny.

    I agree that the hate goes both ways, but it all comes down to who started the proverbial “fire”. Blacks and others of color certainly didn’t. Throughout history, the dominating culture (not race, because technicially there’s no such thing) had so many opporutnities to set things straight, yet nothing was done, so though reverse racism does exist, those who are Black still do not have the kind of real or deep power over the structures that created this hate.

    Don’t believe me? Go ahead and have a black man go into a white neighborhood and snatch a white woman’s purse and then have a white man go into a pre-dominantly black neighborhood and snatch a black woman’s purse (or even a black man, for that matter), and watch how the media (the mouth pieces for the power structure), the police (the watch dogs for the power structure) and the over-all public (the ones being duped by the power structure) respond to the situation, and you’ll quickly realize that the reverse hatred, though real to those receiving it, doesn’t have the same sort of historical/political weight. However, that doesn’t make it any less unbearable or painful.

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