Marc Drier indicted

marc dreier

Marc Dreier pondering that perhaps the game is over

Former big dog lawyer Marc Drier was indicted Thursday for embezzling client funds and selling fake promissory notes. This law firm, which used to employ 250 lawyers has imploded, the judge refuses to grant him bail, and Canada wants a piece of him too, for impersonating a alwyer who worked for an Ontario pension plan.

$400 million dollars is gone. This wasn’t really a Ponzi scheme, but just outright theft. So, where did the money go? I mean, you can’t really make that much money vanish without help.


    • No, no, no, it was only a mere 400 million, not billion. Chump change.

      Dreier couldn’t split. He got arrested in Canada for impersonating a lawyer from a pension fund so as to make a fraudulent transaction.

  1. Having worked at Dreier LLP after many years in numerous other Manhattan law firms large and small, I would posit that Dreier was by far the most dysfunctional and least professional. There was no infrastructure. Management practiced open nepotism. Much of the support staff had the demeanor of stag party attendants. Half of the employees were having affairs with one another. Mini-bullies in the Marc Dreier pattern were never admonished, but were in fact encouraged for their egregious behaviors toward colleagues and clients alike. This place was long due to self destruct.

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