Salmonella in peanuts. Mercury in corn syrup. FDA knew, did nothing

corn is in everything

Somebody needs to go to prison, both in the FDA and in the companies that manufactured this poison. Now that the federal government is no longer headed by anti-regulation zealots, hopefully there will be prosecutions. Serious ones.

Mercury found in corn syrup.

Quantities of mercury have been found in high fructose corn syrup, the ingredient that has replaced sugar in many of our processed foods. Reports have also come out that the FDA knew about traces of the toxic substance in food, and sat on the information.

Sue is highly allergic to corn. That includes corn syrup. So we always read food labels carefully before buying. Corn syrup is in everything, even in places you’d never guess, like soy milk.

Salmonella found in peanuts.

The Georgia food plant that federal investigators say knowingly shipped contaminated peanut butter also had mold growing on its ceiling and walls, and it has foot-long gaps in its roof, according to results of a federal inspection.

There were twelve instances in 2007-2008 when the company’s own tests found salmonella, yet FDA did diddly and the company shipped the tainted peanuts in violation of the law.

Under Bush , the FDA did about as much as the SEC did to protect the public. Which is to say little or nothing. This was not due to incompetence but to free market zealots who were determined to destroy the regulatory agencies they headed. (Indeed, the ex-head of SEC said his job was to dismantle the SEC, even as they ignored the Made-off warnings.)

Combine that with the obvious potential for graft and corruption of governmental representatives by lawless companies and you get to, well, what we have now. Regulatory agencies that no longer regulate.

Now VP Biden said their task upon taking office was akin to cleaning the Augean Stables. He is quite correct. Th ebushies left behind huge piles of manure the adults will need to clean up.