Greek farmers blocking major roads

Protesting farmers in Greece have blocked 70 major roads with tractors and trailers, saying they need higher prices for food. The country is paralyzed, and borders are closed.

This just two months after major riots hit Greek cities.

Some truck drivers have rammed the barricades trying to get through, prompting a newspaper ask, “Is Greece a dangerous country?”

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  1. Just a week or so back after about 5 weeks in Athens and moved around Greece as I have done for a number of years now and I would say it is not a dangerous country. It is a culture miles away from most Western countries and certainly vastly different from my own spot, the UK. Corrupt, nepotism and a healthy disregard for officialdom and authority and family orientated. I would add that the church has too much power and too much wealth. Also this year I saw more open signs of poverty that I never saw before, It would seem to me that poverty is on the increase.

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