category Free file sharing and much more polizeros is a quite amazing service. You can drop off files, leave links, videos, receive faxes faxes, and more. You can also post messages, send files by email, or leave a voice message (which gets converted into an audio file.)

It’s great for collaborating on projects or, as Adam Curry uses it for, a place where listeners to his Daily Source Code podcast can leave links and messages for inclusion in the show.

But wait, there’s more. It’s free and you don’t have to register to participate.

So, check out the Polizeros online or send messages via email to or leave a voice message at 646-495-9201 x 42097. Everyone can see all the files, download them, and leave comments too.

Seems like could be a real useful way for bloggers to swap info, for readers to leave blog post ideas, plus, since you don’t have to register, a tipster can remain anonymous if they want to.

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