Pope welcomes holocaust-denying bishop back after excommunication

The SPLC has labored long and tirelessly documenting and exposing religious and political hategroups and their word can be considered authoritative. From their article on SSPX, the group Bishop Williamson is associated with.

SSPX as a whole, which has chapels and schools across the United States and in several other countries, is a font of anti-Semitic propaganda.

We’re talking rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Semitism, as well as equally abhorrent views on many other issues too.

From an Andrew Sullivan reader

Why is it a ‘personal’ opinion to deny the shoah or the facts behind 9/11, but not ‘personal’ opinion to approve of homosexuality? It seems a terribly selective view of ‘sin’ (if not, indeed, a rationalization), to call sex related issues a matter of dogma, and issues related to genocide and fascism ‘personal’ opinions.

That’s one of the problems plaguing the Catholic Church. Its morality is almost exclusively sex related. It has no mechanism for dealing with the real world. When crimes like genocide and mass murder are ‘personal’ opinion, but issues dealing with sex are part of the ‘culture of death’, the institution has lost its bearing and has failed in its leadership role.