Iceland announces early election

iceland protest

Jan 21 photo by dvergur

The current PM says he will not run. This is a direct result of their financial crisis and the growing protests.

From Perspective

Peaceful and prosperous were two words you would have used to describe Iceland. Now the island faces ruin as the credit crunch has wiped out banks and rendered the currency worthless. The icelandic Left-Green Movement have gone up in the polls. More remarkably civil disturbance has come to the streets of Iceland. Not really a riot by British or French standards, but the first time tear gas has been used in the nation since 1949.

Countries like Bulgaria, Ukraine could be next while Britain itself teeters at the edge of bankruptcy.


  1. What happens if we all go bankrupt at once? Do we all get the ‘get out of jail free’ card? Do all bank accounts reset to 0 and we all start fresh again?

  2. IF that happens, all the bank accounts reset to zero, alright. So does the value of paper currency. And we do start over, in a sense.

    It’s been done before: think Fall of Rome.

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