Dennis Perrin says he’s not drinking the Obama Kool-Aid

jimmy olsen on LSD

There are days when I feel so out of it, so alienated, that I wonder if I’ve gone insane or suffer some deep personality disorder. After yesterday’s [Inaugural] drool fest, where countless adults behaved like sugar-crazed children, I certainly hope that I’m nuts. Because if I’m not, if what I perceive is actually true, then we are so beyond fucked that the glimmer of fucked is a fuzzy speck on the horizon.

Now, I don’t want to feel this way; I have enough negative emotions as it is. But after watching the $150 million imperial saturnalia, augmented by the siren songs of fawners, spin doctors, and state mouthpieces, despair and anxiety rage inside my battered brain. Even worse, average people loved it.

Perrin (obviously) thinks Obama will turn out to be just another Bill Clinton or worse and that the imperial war machine will roll on unabated. While this could happen, it’s also possible the country has genuinely turned a corner and (dream the impossible dream) an era of optimism and change will soon be upon us.

More to the point, a zillion people have huge hopes and dreams here. It seems rude and beyond counterproductive to stand on the sidelines and piss all over those dreams. Especially if someday you might want to work with them or build coalitions.

Perrin though, is humorous, a talented writer, and is capable of wondrous rants. This is a far better approach than just being grumpy about Obama, and I enjoy reading his posts.

This is also a microcosm of the eternal debate in leftie circles about whether it’s better to work towards incremental gains or take the hard line and only accept revolutionary change.

And we won’t settle that debate here (or ever.)