Is there enough residual biomass in Ontario to fuel a converted coal plant?

biomass plant. Tracy, California
Truck unloading wood chips that will fuel the Tracy Biomass Plant, Tracy, California.

That’s the hope. Use forest waste, agricultural leftovers, and non-food crops to power what used to be a coal plant with biomass only.

The logistics though, are daunting, getting all that stuff to the plant, and doing it in a way that doesn’t spew massive amounts of CO2 in the process.


  1. A huge problem I have addressed in a couple of different local Oregon High Desert analysis of “getting the wood out” – the biomass doesn’t pay enough as an end result product for an independent contractor (gyppo in Logger-ese) to make any money cutting, yarding and delivering the product. The only way to make this profitable would be for… ready?… the government to subsidize the Loggers.

    • Plus it would seem that the carbon footprint from all those chain saws and diesel trucks carting the wood would be huge.

      But it would employ a bunch of people.

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