Warren Buffet: U.S. in ‘Economic Pearl Harbor’

However it’s not as bad as WWII or the Great Depression, and we’ll get through it, says the Oracle of Ohama.

“You couldn’t have anybody better in charge,” the Omaha resident said of Obama, who’ll be sworn into office on Tuesday.

As one of Obama’s economic advisers, Buffett said the president-elect listens to what his advisers say, but ultimately comes up with better ideas.


  1. I don’t think it’s a good sign that a billionaire speculator believes that Obama is the best person to be in charge of the nation’s economy. He may be the best for the Warren Buffets but what about the 300 million other Americans that aren’t billionaires and work regular jobs?

  2. Bad metaphor. The Republicans have been attacking frontally on the New Deal institutions for 30+ years. Buffet didn’t see this? Please.

    A better metaphor would be that the Republicans let the levees surrounding and protecting the US fall into disrepair, and we are now being inundated while the Republicans express surprise that the levees kept the sea at bay.

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