London Starbucks firebombed. Anti-Semitic graffiti too

starbucks firebombed in London

East London Advertiser

A fire bomb was hurled into the premises of a cafe and coffee bar in London’s East End in the early hours of this morning.

It was one of a series of ‘hate’ incidents in Whitechapel which have included anti-Semitic graffiti, believed to be linked to protests over Israel’s operations in Gaza.

This is deranged. Starbucks has nothing to do with the Gaza invasion. If its CEO is Zionist, fine, then hold a protest outside his house, but don’t firebomb a store in a crowded area after spray painting hate crime graffiti. Because then people might think you’re just a racist thug.

George Galloway shares some blame here, says Harry’s Place.

Who are the people hoping to incite Kristallnacht 2.0? Some have pointed their finger at George Galloway, with his call to “shut down Israel shops”. The Respect machine is now in overdrive, letting it be known that he was referring to a handful of small booths that operate in shopping centres, selling cosmetics. We take him at his word. Of course, one of these “Israel Shops” was smashed up in Belfast earlier this week.

At the very least, Galloway wasn’t real specific about what stores to shut down. And that it should be done via economic boycott, not violence. That is what he meant, right? He needs to make a strong clarification immediately.

Because it seems to be getting out of control

In Kensington, London, a Starbucks is smashed, in Lebanon one is shut down, in Canada one is blown up, destroying neighbouring shops. And now another London Starbucks has been bombed.

Half a mile away, a Tesco delivery van was attacked by a gang of Asian youths. The driver – a working stiff, surely no agent of Israel – was hospitalised with head injuries and needed seven stitches. In nearby Commercial Road, a Tesco supermarket was targeted this weekend, the windows smashed and “KILL JEWS” daubed on the walls in paint.

These incidents no longer appear to be rare and isolated. They are happening more often. The Left needs to oppose them. Now.


  1. If you understood what he meant (as I’m sure you did) then why are you making this pathetic attempt to get some apology?

    You’re accusing Galloway of being a shit-stirrer, while being a particularly wet one yourself.

    • No, I’m saying Galloway should further clarify what he meant, something he’s already done once, because clearly many did not understand him.

  2. Abit dramatic. I was there at the two demonstartions in London where three starbucks have been damaged. On Saturday 10 Jan, one Starbucks in Kensington was smashed and looted. On Saturday 17th Jan, the windows of the two Starbucks were smashed, contarty to media imagination, they were not looted!
    With regards to Starbucks as a supporter of Israel, operations and purchase of goods from what the International Family know as ‘Occupied Territories’, I can not confirm.
    Those that smashed up the Satrbucks were not only young Muslims (of various ethic and gender makeup) but there were also white anarchists and anti-corporate elements.

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