It appears the planet is going mad

chill pill

1) Israel is using white phosphorus in the Gaza invasion. They claim it is just to illuminate things, therefore it’s not a war crime. Right. And they are absolutely sure none of this genuinely evil stuff ever hits a human being? Because if it does, it burns through them until it runs out of oxygen. That’s what I mean by evil. Why is white phosphorus even allowed by anyone for any reason. Ban it. Period.

2) Some deranged souls in London firebombed a Starbucks, leaving anti-Semitic grafitti behind, all part of an apparent upsurge in such activity.

3) And right here in the San Francisco Bay area, a protest in Oakland tonight, held after Johannes Mehserle was arrested for the murder of Oscar Grant, culminated in a bank being attacked and fires being set.

Maybe it’s the wobbly economy on top of everything else that is making people act so bizarre?


  1. Right, I know what you’re thinking. Every time great Imperial powers lose touch with their population the opportunity for violent popular outrage grows exponentially. I’m looking at you Ottoman Empire.

    But no, it’s totally OK, because there’s this thing called “globalization” and it says that because all of our institutions are integrated across the globe it makes all-out dissolution and war impossible. And if there’s one thing we know for sure, when the foreign policy elite start saying war is over, they’re always 100% right.

    So no, Bob, there’s nothing weird or bizarre going on here. These bandits and vandals simply haven’t been born again with the Obama Way(tm). The system provides all the transparency and accountability that population can handle, and you know it. You’re wrong to connect these dots and frankly your interest in such matters is making me uncomfortable.

    Please stop reading news stories about political violence or I’ll be forced to report you.

    God Save the Dollar,

    • I’ve been reading How The Irish Saved Civilization. The real-life Vandals (that’s with a capital “V”) make our Wall Street plunderers and neocon warmongers seem like a bunch of girlie men. And my very own Celtic ancestors were so ferocious they even made the Romans nervous. But I digress…

      Of course, everything is fine, just fine. Don’t know why I’d have thought the planet was coming unhinged.

      Um, if they figured this globalization thing like they did with financial risk (“our models clearly show a 9 standard deviation event can’t occur even though it just did”) then I think we’re screwed.

  2. With chaos comes change, and with change comes opportunity. Sure, the Dark Ages lost tons of knowledge in Europe, life expectancy shortened, and superstition largely prevailed over science. But they also spawned great leaders of both the political and spiritual variety– some of them female.

    In fact, female leaders seem to be more common in times of chaos, from Hilda of Whitby and Isabella of Spain to Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka. Perhaps as society breaks down, so does the male oligarchy.

    I don’t look forward to the coming change, but I do recognize its necessity. Start making your community self-sufficient now!

  3. Actually UJ, Ladies, love Outlaws. Dogma touting foot-soldiers need not apply. It’s all about the Grey Market.

    As if dawg gives a flying fig about the dollar, or football…

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