Australia military warns climate change may cause failed states

According to the report, climate change may lead to “failed states across the Pacific and require extra naval deployments to deal with increases in illegal migration and fishing…”

I’m sure that wingnut global warming deniers are busily at work trying to concoct a story about how the Australian military is a far left organization and thus their report can be ignored.


  1. In a way, he may be right. As the world’s sea level rises, there are these small island nations near to Australia that will be swamped by it. I can’t judge the rationality of the statement based on the limitations of your article and in fact, someone may be drinking the cool-aid but global warming, sea level increase, spells disaster for many of the little atolls and islands in Fiji and other places near Australia.

  2. That was your point anyway for the sake of the global warming denial crowd.

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