Biggest unemployment jump since 1945

jobless men keep going

The U.S. lost more jobs in 2008 than any year since 1945 as employers fired another 524,000 people in December, indicating a free-fall in the economy.

Masses of unemployed people leads inexorably to social unrest. FDR defused things by creating massive public works projects that put people to work. Looks like Obama will do the same.

Just heard a soundbite from Obama on NPR. Imagine, we will soon have a president who can put several sentences together coherently and doesn’t sound like a belligerent frat boy.

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  1. The U.S. lost more jobs in 2008 than any year since 1945.

    It has long been my conviction that the Y2K Nuts had it right, they just didn’t quite get their fingers wrapped around it: The End of America. The appointment of the Bush Regime by the Military/Media/Industrial complex in collusion with a heavily weighted judiciary over the legally elected Gore administration marked the successful culmination of a seventy year conspiracy to destroy the United States of America. Make no mistake, this junta may indeed be the worst presidency ever for the American People, the American Nation, but they have succeeded in everything they set out to do.

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