Was Madoff running money for the mob?

Some think so, says Clusterstock

But Gary Weiss responds

But honestly, I don’t see how it matters all that much. What he did was so awful that it is kind of in the very cellar of horribleness, and cannot sink any deeper. Word emerged today that Bernie allegedly took a quarter of a billion dollars from a 95-year-old “friend” just ten days before the roof fell in. The mind boggles.

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  1. Define “mob”. If you’re talking about criminal enterprises and corrupt organizations, are you talking “Sopranos” or “Bush/Paulson”?

    Taking a 95-year old “friend’s” money and throwing it into the abyss of the collapsing scheme is a hallmark of the Ponzi operator. They think they can keep the house of cards from falling if they can just keep the money pouring in. Their delusion won’t allow them to see it’s fruitless once the tipping point has been reached.

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